Thursday, April 9, 2009

Polio pidemic Spreads Through Africa/Dengue outbreak in Argentina

Polio pidemic Spreads Through Africa
Polio is once again on the rise in Africa, according to the International Red Cross Committee in Geneva. The disease has spread from Nigeria and the south of Sudan to 15 other African countries, including Angola, Uganda and Congo where the disease had been eradicated last year. The Red Cross is pumping 1.6 million euros into a vaccination campaign to curb the epidemic and says that earlier immunisation programmes were effective.

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Dengue outbreak in Argentina now 'epidemic'

Health Minister Graciela Ocana said Wednesday that a dengue outbreak in the country has worsened to an epidemic, as nearly 8,000 people are officially reported to be infected with the disease.-Authorities say Argentina's worst outbreak since the disease reappeared in the country in 1997 is linked to an epidemic in neighboring Bolivia, which has registered 51,000 cases.

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