Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mohler: America a mission field

Addressing the topic on his daily radio show, Dr. Albert Mohler, who was quoted in the Newsweek article, says Christians must take every opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"It's easier to have an honest conversation with someone about Christianity who knows that he or she is not a Christian, than [to have a conversation with] someone who thinks they are because of some vague, family tie or cultural kind of alliance or allegiance," he says. "But we're now looking at an America that knows itself to be increasingly secular."

Another challenge, says Mohler, is how many people view Christianity. Many, he believes, see Christianity as merely a moral system.

"[T]here are too many Christians who think that the way to influence the culture is, first of all, to bring our moral understanding to bear -- as if that's our first message. And of course it isn't -- our first message is the gospel. What people need first and foremost is the gospel."

Dr. Mohler urges Christians to view America as a mission field.

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