Monday, April 13, 2009

Ever so quietly, 'hate crimes' legislation re-introduced

A Texas Republican is speaking out against "hate crimes" laws, arguing they could be used to intimidate and prosecute pastors to preach the full counsel of God.

Hate crimes laws -- recently re-introduced in Congress as H.R. 1913 -- could be used to attack Christians and pastors, just as has been done in Canada. Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) spoke about it on the House floor, saying the misunderstanding is on the part of homosexuals.

"Many people do not understand the Christian heart because they just don't like people that disagree with them," stated Gohmert. "Whereas the true Christian heart can disagree with people and love them, love them deeply, and be willing to give their lives for them."

The lawmaker went on to say that the proposal is an unfair law, and that an amendment to supposedly correct the injustice was defeated. Gohmert explained why.

"We are not going to protect religious speech because you can go after a minister who says relations outside of a marriage of a man and a woman [are] wrong," he suggested. "Someone goes out after hearing that, shoots somebody, and then [argues] 'The preacher told me it was wrong. That's what induced me to do that -- the sermons, the Bible teachings, what not.'"

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