Friday, March 27, 2009

Radio Interview with Joel Rosenberg

Worldview Matters with Brannon Howse

Topic: Inside the Revolution and the Epicenter. Brannon’s guest is NY Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg. Topic One: Why Iran is more dangerous today than ever before. Topic Two: The top five worst case scenarios for America involving a terrorist attack. Topic Three: Why the radical Muslims want to annihilate America? Topic Four: Why are so many Muslims coming to Jesus Christ? Topic Five: Is America mentioned in the Bible as part of the last days? Topic Six: What are some possible scenarios for demise of America and her absence from the last days? Topic Seven: New Secretary of Homeland Security will not use the word terrorist? Topic Eight: Is Israel sitting on an incredible amount of oil? Topic Nine: The Bible says Damascus will be wiped from the face of the earth. When and how will this happen? Topic Ten: How will Islam fit into a one-world religion?

Good stuff!
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