Monday, May 25, 2009

Atheists roll out ad campaign-"In the Beginning, Man Created God."

This provocative twist on the Bible’s opening line was plastered on the side of 25 Chicago buses this week as part of an advertising crusade by the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign.

The ads have been cruising between downtown and the city’s North and South sides, including the No. 56 Milwaukee route, since the beginning of the week and will run through June.

"The intent of the campaign is to stimulate discussion of religion and its place in our society," said Charlie Sitzes, a spokesman for the Indiana group who with help from the American Humanist Association has collected more than $10,000 in private donations to buy the ad space in Indiana and Illinois.

The group brought its message to Chicago after a similar campaign in Indiana – to post the slogan "You can be good without God" – was rejected by transit authorities in Bloomington and stalled by officials in South Bend, who didn’t want the ads posted in time for President Barack Obama’s speech at Notre Dame.

Indiana's chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has sued the Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation on the atheist group's behalf. Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan has denounced his own transit system, saying he does not condone government censorship.

"It would appear that where there is more opposition to the message that maybe that would be the place where we needed dialogue more," Sitzes said, maintaining that the slogan is a simple fact.

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  1. All fuzzy-brained ingrates should Google "Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right." It is possible that one or more of them will discover connections between a certain dust-covered black book and the fact that America has been blessed more than any other nation in history. OTOH, most of them may ignore such connections until God begins allowing American cities to be destroyed. But by then it'll be a little late to think deeply about things!

  2. And ...?

    To be honest, we know that atheists exist. This is a distraction from the real work of the kingdom, which is to spread God's love. NOT to worry about what someone else is putting on the side of buses. Do I like it? Nope.

    But I know that they're trying to make us act like censorship-oriented goons who can't stand to let someone else get his/her point out.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I do agree with what you are both saying. The point in posting this is to see how far away as a nation we are getting from God.

    Would this have been allowed 50 years ago? Would Christians today be allowed to run a similar campaign? Those are things that I wonder when I read this article.